Films to watch in Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2013

TDF Poster
Films to watch in Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, starting March 15, 2013:

  • One Step Ahead, a film by Dimitris Athiridis on Yannis Boutaris, mayor of Thessaloniki (ERT/ARTE co-production)
  • To the Wolf, on two families of shepherds living in a mountainous region in the Peloponnese, by Aran Hughes and new-comer Christina Koutsospyrou, which also participated in this year’s Berlinale,
  • Little Land, by Nikos Dayandas, based on my original idea and research (ERT/ARTE Anemon co-production), filmed on location in the magical island of Ikaria
  • Hardships and Beauties, by Kimon Tsakiris, starring a farmer-cowboy in Messinia (ERT/ARTE co-production)
  • Hippie! Hippie! Matala! Matala!, a documentary on the 1960's hippie scene on Crete, with excellent archival material and a great sense of humour, produced by ERT with research and script by Maria Koufopoulou and directed by Yorgos Varelas
  • Democracy The Way of the Cross, by Markos Gastin
  • a film on the Greek anarchist poetess Katerina Gogou by Antonis Boskoitis Reinstating the Dark Side (also screened at Danaos Cinema in Athens until Wednesday March 20)
  • Salma, a girl in India, a film by Kim Longinotto, a great director of films on women,
  • Cassandra's Treasure, on the controversy surrounding the gold mine in Halkidiki, in northern Greece, by Yorgos Avgeropoulos,
  • the special tribute for the festival’s 15th anniversary (watch out for my special post to follow), and of course
  • the tribute to Chilean director Patricio Guzmán, with nine of his films. Unfortunately the director broke his leg and cannot attend - Patricio, get well soon!

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