Sheffield 2013

MeetMarket Projects 2013 (June 12-16 2013)

In 2013 they have selected 63 unique projects involving 18 countries. The chosen projects covered the entire spectrum of factual media, crossing from TV to Cinema to Online, and everything over, above, between and beyond. These 63 projects where selected from the record total of 614 submissions received this year. They’re entertaining, innovative, clever and forward-thinking (so the festival). They make ideal partners for matchmaking with the best Decision Makers out there.

The Projects

#OP (Austria) - blue+green communication (Producer/Director - Friedrich Moser)

Approaching Futures (France) - Les Films d'Ici 2 (Producer - Virginie Guibbaud, Director - Xavier Marquis)

Aquarela (UK) - Aconite Productions (Producer - Aimara Reques, Director - Victor Kossakovsky)

Archive Fever (Israel) - Producer/Director - Karnit Mandel

Around the World in 80 Orgasms (UK) - Defacto Films (Producer - Paul Pauwels, Director - Emma George)

Art War (Germany) - HELDENFILM (Producer/Director - Marco Wilms)

BE BIG - Villian or Hero (Denmark) - Plus Pictures (Producer - Mette Heide, Director - Kaspar Astrup Schröder )

Birth of a Tiger (UK) - Century Films (Producer - James Gold, Director - Sam Benstead)

The Chimpanzee Complex (Netherlands) - Basalt Film (Producer - Simone van den Broek, Director - Marc Schmidt)

Chumbawamba: The Tubthumping One Hit Wonders (UK) - Dandy Films (Producer - Rachel Wexler, Director - Dunstan Bruce)

Churchill, A Giant in the Century (France) - ROCHE Productions 9Producer - Dominique Tibi, Director - David Korn-Brzoza)

Concerto (UK) - Seventh Art Productions (Producer/Director - Phil Grabsky)

Contact (Italy) - Ballandi Arts (Producer - Alessandro Carroli, Director - Gianluigi Attorre )

The Destruction of Memory (Australia) - Vast Productions (Producer - Joanna Buggy, Director - Tim Slade)

Dr Conti and Mr K (UK) - Met Film Production (Producer - Al Morrow, Director - Jerry Rothwell )

Europe for Sale (Italy) - GraffitiDoc (Producer - Enrica Capra, Director - Andreas Pichler)

Freightened (Spain) - Polar Star Films (Producer - Carles Brugueras, Director - Denis Delestrac)

The Grandmas Project (France) - Chaï Chaï Films (Producer - Laurence Bagot, Director - Jonas Pariente)

I draw the World (Netherlands) - Submarine (Producer - Femke Wolting, Director - Noud Holtman)

Ice Queens (Finland) - napafilms ltd (Producer - Liisa Juntunen, Director - Christy Garland)

THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF MIGUEL LITTIN (USA) - KA Snyder Productions (Producer - Kim A. Snyder, Director - Jeremiah Zagar)

In Search of Flynn (UK) - De La Warr Films (producer - Alex Gibney, Director - Julia Stovell)

Landscape of Life (UK) - BLTV LTD (Producer - Bettina Walter, Director - Ben Lewis)

The Leaderless Revolution (UK) - Hopscotch Films (Producer - John Archer, Director - Iain Scollay)

Light Fly, Fly High (Norway) -Fri Film AS (Producer/Director - Susann Oestigaard and Beathe Hofseth)

like ants for sugar (India) - Pickle Jar (Producer/Director - Shirley Abraham, Amit Madheshiya)

Little Yellow Boots (Finland) - Millennium Film Ltd (Producer - Kristiina Pervilä-Andersson, Director - John Webster )

The Look of Silence (Denmark) - Final Cut for Real ApS (Producer - Signe Byrge Sørensen, Director - Joshua Oppenheimer)

MARATHON MAN (UK) - Rare Day (Producer - Peter Dale, Director - David Belton)

Marlon Brando (France) - Roche Productions (Producer - Dominique Tibi, Director - Philippe Kohly)

Miners Shot Down (South Africa) -Uhuru Productions (Producer- Brian Tilley, Director - Rehad Desai)

Moscow Tabloid (Ireland) - Cutstone Productions Limited (Director - Michael Doyle)

Neither God nor Master - a history of anarchism (France) -Temps noir (Producer - Tancrede Ramonet, Director - Patrick Barberis)

No Place for Children (UK) - Smoke & Apple Films (Producer - Bronwen Parker- Rhodes, Director - Katie Green)

No Regrets (Denmark) - Profile Pictures (Producer - Ditte Milsted, Director - Sun Hee Engelstoft)

Nothing to Envy (UK) - Mosaic Films (Producer - Carol Rodger, Director - Andy Glynne)

ORION - The Mask of Elvis (UK) - Glimmer Films (Producer/Director - Jeanie Finlay)

THE PHILIP K DICK EXPERIENCE (France) - Nova production (Producer - Thibaut de Corday, Director - Brice Roy)

Power and Impotence, a tragedy in 3 acts (France) - Black Moon (Director - Anna Recalde Miranda)

Putin is Back (France) - Les Films Grain de Sable (Producer - BEN JAMAA Sallah-Edine, Director - Jean-Michel Carré)

THE QUATRARO MYSTERY (Denmark) - sonntag pictures (Producer - sara stockmann, Director - Jeppe Rønde )

Raging Grannies (Norway) - Faction Film AS (Producer - Christian Falch, Director - Håvard Bustnes)

REACH FOR THE SKY (Belgium) - Visualantics (Producer - Gert Van Berckelaer, Director - Steven Dhoedt)

Rebel Rebel (Denmark) -Fridthjof Film (Producer - Jesper Jack, Director - Camilla Arlien-Søborg)

The Secret Flight (Denmark) - Fridthjof Film (Producer - Miriam Nørgaard, Director - Andreas Koefoed)

The Shadow World (USA) - Louverture Films (Producer - Joslyn Barnes, Director - Johan Grimonprez)

SHOOTER (USA) - Marshall Curry Productions (Producer/Director - Marshall Curry)

The Singing Hospice (UK) - SDI Productions Ltd (Producer - Sonja Henrici , Director - Amy Hardie)

Slum School - A documentary Musical (UK) - Century Films (Producer - Katie Bailiff, Director - Brian Hill)

Small Town Big Story (USA) - 10-Spot Syndicate (Producer - Tyler Measom, Director - Julian T. Pinder)

Swinging Addis (UK) - Mango Films (Producer - Christopher Pencakowski, Director - Henrique Goldman)

The Term (Estonia) - Marx Film (Producer - Maxim Tuula, Director - Pavel Kostomarov)

Thomas Quick: The Making of a Serial Killer (UK) - Century Films (Producer - Katie Bailiff, Director - Brian Hill )

TO HAVE AND TO HAVE NOT (Italy) - VisitorQ (Producer - Cristina Rajola, Director - Vincenzo De Cecco)

Two Children of the Red Mosque (USA) - Changeworx (Producer - Jonathan Goodman Levitt, Director - Hemal Trivedi)

Waiting for Giraffes (Netherlands) - Volya Films (Producers - Denis Vaslin & Fleur Knopperts, Director - Marco de Stefanis)

WE NEVER SLEEP (UK) - Duffel Films (Director - Michelle Fox)

What Do We Want? (UK) - Spanner Films Ltd (Producer - Lizzie Gillett, Director - Franny Armstrong)

Who's Gonna Love Me Now? (Israel) -Heymann Brothers Films (Producer - Barak Heymann, Director - Tomer Heymann)

WOMAN OF THE YEAR – STAR OF THE CENTURY - The great Katharine Hepburn (Germany) - FLORIANFILM GmbH (Producer - André Schäfer, Director - Rieke Brendel)

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev (Israel) - Noam Pinchas and Tal Barda (Co-Director and Co-Producer)

Zapped (France) - Les Films du Poisson (Producer - Estelle Fialon, Director - Thorsten Schütte

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