Something Better to Come, by Hanna Polak produced by Sigrid Dyekjær

Danish Documentary is one of the world’s leading production companies when it comes to producing creative documentary films for the big screen and television.

The company is founded and co-owned by four celebrated Danish documentary directors, Phie Ambo, Pernille Rose Grønkjær, Eva Mulvad and Mikala Krogh, together with internationally acclaimed film producer Sigrid Dyekjær. What is Sigrid working on now?

I am working on a fantastic story, very unique, by Oscar nominated polish director Hanna Polak, Yula´s Dream, that we are editing right now. Hanna has followed a girl for 14 years on a garbage dump outside of Moscow. from she is 10 until she is 24 and actually gets away and moves to Moscow. Really a wonderful project and Hanna is a wonderful director. And the finished film was also wonderful - and won idfa in 2014!
I have just closed a 40 min film Eva Mulvad has made for Danish national tv The Castle I hope to launch it internationally on a festival in 2014. A funny, strange film about living in a castle in Denmark, exclusively, with other elderly people, where you have gardeners, cooks, maides, and servants, and you live in furniture from 1700 century. Here they have their own special elderly home, and in order to get in, you have to live up to certain rules. Not written rules, no the unwritten rules from the upper class. It has been a really fun film to produce. And we are finishing a film by Mikala Krogh about the biggest tabloid magazine in Denmark, where she has followed them for two years in the crises of the newspaper degrading and the net paper being the only thing young people wants to read, but nobody earns money on it, not even the tabloid magazines.

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    1. It premieres at IDFA in Amsterdam on Saturday. For the public release, please contact the production company,

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