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The workshop for docs in a rough cut stage! DOK Incubator

Let's get personal was the motto of this year's DOK INCUBATOR at the Leipziger Pfefermühle. And the presentation was full with people who came to see the nine selected documentaries. A fine initiate witch started by Andrea Prenghyova, the creator of the DOK.Incubator in collaboration with DOK Leipzig three years ago..

Dok Incubator is a course that runs for three weeks, during half a year, where you apply with a rough cut.

dok01_color_0_2502c317b1d5fc They work with the teams of director, editor and Producer, with their films, to improve their film and work with the producers and teams to learn how to do international financing and distribution. They also work with the films to make them more international as well. Director and editor has cooperation with big european editors to improve the films. The course is held in different European cities. It is a media supported program like EAVE, but just for documentaries in post production.

Sigrid Dyekjær is one of the central teachers

On Tuesday at DOK Leipzig...

Claas Danielsen, the DOK Leipzig Director, together with Andrea Prenghyova – creator of the DOK.Incubator, journalist, film maker, documentary film producer and founder of Institute of Documentary Prague, and Ilo von Seckendorff.


Sussanne Guggenberger at the DOK-TalksSussanne Guggenberger organized DOK-Talks.

There are over 4000 festivals in the world! At the Dok talks of Dok Leipzig we had the possibility to get to know – hear little more about, Krakow Film Festival, the Docu Festival in Kosovo, the Moscow Film Festival, Dok Outlook International Market, Cinema Du reel in Paris, Sheffield Doc Fest, Bratislava Doc festival, CineDoc in Athens, Tempo Documentary Festival in Stockholm Sweden and Chopshots Documentary Film Festival held in April in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Krakow Film Festival was founded in 1961. It is held end of May-beginning of June, after Cannes and before Sheffield, and has a new exiting category: Music Docs! This year they also have a special country tribute to Britain. They are looking for author-driven docs; the stories should be universal, and the premiers must take place in Poland.

There may be no cinemas in Kosovo, yet the Dokufest.com organizers created eight cinemas in public spaces! There they festival is held every year in August. They topics are human rights, environment, youth, films from the Balkan area. This year they have the theme
Breaking borders. They submission begins on Friday 1st November and ends in March. The Kosovo doc festival made it into to create cine clubs in highshools and schools and they hold a program called Future is here. This aim is to help students up to 25 years to try to produce short docs in 7 days.

Moscow has a very popular and successful Film Festival with a small doc section. And they have created a strand in television for their films.

Visions du Reel,
in Nyon, Switzerland, focus on director-driven films with an emphasis on cinematographic language and is held in the end of April. Next year they have a special on Tunisia. The festival is a Doc Alliance member and has a very strong market.

Cinema Du Reel
is a festival held at the Centre Pompidou, in Paris. All topics are fine with them, as long as the film has an author point of view, is director-driven, with a signature, or follows the rules of cinéma vérité. They don’t have a market but next year they will organize special screenings for professionals. Deadline for submissions: March 20-30.

Sheffield Doc Fest is a big and important documentary festival in Britain. They have 20.000 visitors and the festival is held in June. There are screenings, a market and a conference. Submissions are online until 25/1. They have several awards; one of them is the Green award. They care about topical stories with a strong point of view. Their Meet Market is a one-to-one meeting place where 65 projects are pitched to the 300 decision makers. Sheffield makes a lot of matchmaking work! There is also a cross-platform program where new formats and hybrid interactive docs find their place. They cooperate with the documentary campus. Hint: don't miss their parties – especially the roller disco!

Are you looking for a festival?

Check out filmfestivallife.com! They have 800 festivals listed and counting. And they do a great job helping directors not only to find the right festival, but also to apply easily.

See also my post Festivalitis.

DOK. Incubator’s workshop

SUNDANCE DOCUMENTARY AWARD goes to a debut film from the DOK.Incubator´s
The Machine Which Makes Everything Disappear, a low budget documentary,
developed within the DOK.Incubator workshop, has just won the award for
World Cinema Documentary Directing at the SUNDANCE Festival! For the
Gurchiani sisters, was the first time both producing and directing a feature
lenght documentary.

„Living for a long time in Europe, I wanted to return to Georgia and make a
film about young people there. So I organised a casting – and suddenly I
saw, that those faces have their own touching stories – and I decided to
listen to them,“ describes Tinatin Gurchiani, the debuting documentarist,
the very start of her road to the amazing success of this visually stunning
movie. The film was developed within DOK.Incubator, workshop focused on
editing and distribution, that provides an individual tutoring for
documentary projects from the rough cut stage to their release. After a half
year of intensive work, The Machine… achived sophisticated editing and a
precise distribution strategy, helping them to approach the prestigious
sales agency, Deckert Distribution, and achieve international distribution.
Their road to success started with their premiere at DOK Leipzig Young
Competition and finished with the most prestigious international competition
at Sundance.

The DOK.Incubator project has been launched in 2012 by a creative think-tank
DocIncubator (CZ), DOK.Leipzig festival (DE) and the Institute of
Documentary Film (CZ) , in cooperation with the Association of Independent
Producers (SK) and Centrala Filmproduction (PL). After the first edition,
beside DOK Leipzig and Sundance, two participant films have competed also at
IDFA, CPH:DOX and they participate soon in MoMA´s Documentary Fortnight.

More information about the workshop you can find at www.dokincubator.net
DEADLINE for the 2013 edition is March 5th.

A new documentary about Greece and Democracy

Democratia, the way of the cross
An independent Greek feature-length documentary made by Marco Gastine about the campaign for the parliamentary election on May 6 2012 in Greece. The film follows four candidates, giving us a unique opportunity to explore the current political situation in Greece from a different perspective. The politicians belong to four different parties - a former minister from PASOK, a young politician with a family tradition in politics (his father was also MP), a woman from the left-wing SYNASPISMOS, and a candidate from Golden Dawn, the extreme right-wing party.Everybody tries to reach out to their voters and no-one has any real answers to Greece's pressing issues.
Demokratia the way of the cross is an observational, character-driven documentary without narration, a great insightful portrait of Greek politics.
Even though it's about the May 2012 election, Unfortunately for Greece it's still topical. Things don't change so quickly, especially when they have been in the same status quo for so many years.
It would have been better if it had been possible to have had this hot documentary ready sooner, but Marco Gastine told me that he preferred to have the premier in festivals, which is understandable.
The documentary was directed and produced by Marco Gastine jointly with Katerina Patroni, Nikolia Apostolou, Haris Raftogiannis, Christos Georgoutsos and Yiannis Misouridis. Each of these Greek filmmakers and camera-men and -women followed one politician. They had already worked together as a team for the series Docville, produced by Gastine.
The documentary (91 min, 52 min) was in the Market at DOK Leipzig and will be distributed in theatres in Greece in January.
On Wednesday December 5, the film will be screened at the French Institute in Athens (Sina 31, Kolonaki).

Marco Gastine
Director Marco Gastine

Listen to the interview (English) Marco Gastin gave me in November 2012 in Athens.