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The Longest Run in Leipzig in Competition 2015!

The Longest Run is one of those films that can't wait until funding is found before shooting. You either do it now or not at all. And Marianna Oikonomou (Food for Love) did. It is an important story unfolding in a juvenile prison in the city of Volos, in Greece, where the director enjoyed access – which is not a common occurrence at all. The film was already presented at the 10th International Dok Leipzig Co-Production Meeting in October 2014.

Here is an interview that the director, Marianna Oikonomou, gave me at the 17th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in the aftermath of receiving the award for best Doc in Progress in March 2015.

The story follows two teenagers, a Syrian from Kobani and a Yazidi from Northern Iraq, who spend their long days in a juvenile prison in Greece, accused of smuggling illegal immigrants, while their parents experience  the war in their home countries. The Longest Run  follows their lives  before, during,  and after their court case and exposes the  tragic  phenomenon of professional smugglers forcing  underage illegal immigrants to transport  people across the border from Turkey to Greece,  thus making them smugglers themselves. This means that innocent young boys can serve sentences up to 25 years in a foreign country while their parents are equally ‘confined’ in their war-stricken countries.

The Longest Run documentary photo
Jasim in his cell in the Greek prison

The project garnered the top prize in Docs in Progress, receiving 17.000 euro in editing and post-production funding, but still needs a distributor, pre-sales, and more funding.

Here is a 7-minute demo of this interesting film:

https://vimeo.com/121977493  (password:32015)

Alsaleh & Jasim.jpg
Alsaleh & Jasim in Prison

Greece – point of no return: a film produced for the ARTE GREEK THEME DAY

Point of no return is a film by Alkmini Bourra produced for the ARTE Greek Theme Day, broadcast on ARTE in August 2013, spanning an entire day dedicated to Greece.

It is a film about people who have chosen to stay in Greece and fight for a better life. The more the idea of democracy crumbles, the more faith in a sense of community increases. The film shows contemporary Greece and its people, who don't want to be seen as victims but as citizens who are coping with this challenge.

Watch the ARTE GREEK THEME DAY presentations here, filmed in Metaxourgeio, a vibrant, alternative central Athens area.

Production: dreamerjointventure Berlin, ZDF/ARTE

You can watch Point of no return at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival on March 20, 2014 at 15.00 at the John Cassavetes Cinema Theatre, or at the Market.

Arte Focus on Greece, by Tue Steen Müller

What I mostly like in Tue Steen Müllers Filmkommentaren is his relaxed way to write so nice and his profound knowledge about documentaries. He is my inspiration to start my own blog about documentaries!
Here is what he just wrote about the ARTE Greek Day !


if you need to know more about the day download this: