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“This Ain´t California”: the debate at Prix Europa 2012!

Prix Europa, October 20-27, 2012, Berlin

This Ain´t California, Germany, 96 min., 2011, was nominated for the TV Documentary category.

A few words about the film from the Prix Europa catalogue:

In 90 minutes, we see the GDR more sharply, more clearly: the skater subculture shows that not all was grey-on drab clouds of Trabant fumes. This film takes original clips of the "wheel-board rides" - straight out of East Germany in the 80s - and mixes it with animations and re-encounters with the protagonists today in a documentary narrative.
After the debate at Prix Europa 2012 about the film, the producer chose to withdraw the film from the competition.

This Ain't California has already following awards: 
Berlinale Interntational Film Festival – DIALOGUE EN PERSPECTIVE AWARD
Lighthouse International Film Festival - SPECIAL JURY PRIZE 2012
Festival’s Selection:
Karlovy Vary Film Festival – Documentary Competition
Latest news : THIS AIN’T CALIFORNIA is among the short listed German candidates for the 2013 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Also nominated at Prix Europa for the TV DOCUMENTARY awards 2012 were:

Danube Hospital, Austria, 75 Min.
Amateur Filmmaker, Belarus, 28 Min.
The Court, Belgium, 40 Min.
The War Reporter, Croatia, 60 Min.
A Split Second - 10 Stories From The Roads, Denmark, 56 Min.
Forever Yours, Finland, 77 Min.
Ballad For A Queen, France, 91 Min.
The Century Of Cartier-Bresson, France, 53 Min.
The Algerian War, The Fracture, France, 57 Min.
The Khmer Rouge And The Man Of Non - Violence, France, 87 Min.
This Man Is A Multi-Layered Cake, France, 57 Min.
Hitler´s Children, Germany, 78 Min.
Munich 1970- When The Terror Came To Us, Germany, 91 Min.
The Second Execution Of Romell Broom, Germany, 89 Min.
Meet The Fokkens, The Netherlands, 77 Min. (the winner of Prix europa 2012)
Stuff Everywhere, The Netherlands, 57 Min.
Back To The Square, Norway, 85 Min.
Doctors, Poland, 81 Min.
Vera Gran, Poland, 76 Min.
My Name Is Druillet, Spain, 67 Min.
He Thinks He´s The Best, Sweden, 76 Min.
Ahead To The Past, Switzerland, 52 Min.
Alex: A Life Fast Forward, United Kingdom, 58 min.