The winners at DOK Leipzig 2012

The winners at DOK Leipzig 2012 are out! Read all about it.

From the German films I saw at the Leipzig screenings I really liked two:
The Last Catch, by Markus CM Schmidt, about the European bluefin tuna - overfishing in the Mediterranean Sea and the situation of the fishermen, who are also facing extinction. After watching this film I think twice about sushi... 

The other film I liked is The Venice Syndrome by Andreas Pichler. It's a feature-length documentary about the consequences of mass tourism in Venice and the remains of urban life in this lovely city. The film argues that in 2030 there will be none of the 58,000 inhabitants living in Venice today. An elegy to the last Venetians and a thriller about the consequences of tourism. And a universal story: quite a few fantastic places around the world are faced with the same issues.  Watch the official trailer.

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