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Online Pitching Sessions 2012: historical documentaries

October  23, 2012 at 14:00 (Central European Time). At the online EDN Video Conference Room.

EDN Online Pitching is a pitching format based on an online video conference, where a limited number of documentary projects are pitched. For this pitching session EDN is calling for historical documentary projects. The submission deadline is October 2, 2012.

EDN Online Pitching is an initiative where four documentary projects are pitched to a group of leading international financiers and decision makers. Each session will have a specific focus like science, history, art or similar. The pitching takes place online in the EDN Video Conference Room and each session lasts one hour. This session, which will be focusing on historical documentaries, will take place on October 23, 2012 at 14:00 (Central European Time).

For this session we plan to have the presence of 5 - 6 financiers, with a special interest in historical documentaries. As soon as we have names of financiers confirmed, we will add them here.

How to submit a project for EDN Online Pitching

The deadline for submitting your project is October 2, 2012.

In order to submit your documentary project you must:
1) Upload your documentary project at the EDN web site. You do so by adding the project in question to your EDN Membership Profile.

2) Email a 2-page description of your project and a link to the project profile at
the EDN web site to the email address

Your written 2-page presentation should include the following elements:

  • - Title, name of producer, production company and director, length, format & production plan/time of delivery
  • - Short synopsis
  • - Treatment with visual approach & reflections on the narrative
  • - The total budget sum (not the whole budget)
  • - A brief financing plan
  • - Short CV & filmography of company and director
  • - Contact details on producer/production company and/or director

Participation fee

Participating in the EDN Online Pitching Session is free of charge, but it requires that you have created an EDN Membership profile via an EDN membership. If you are not a member of EDN yet, you can join EDN here.

How the online pitching works

The aim of the EDN Online Pitching Sessions is to create a forum where documentary projects with a specific focus can be introduced and discussed. This low cost set-up makes it possible to create space for introductions and discussions of themes and focuses not always viable in the offline world.

The written presentations and pilots of the selected projects will be circulated among the participating financiers before the session. The pilots of the selected projects will be available at the EDN web site.

To set off the discussion of the project being pitched, the presenting director/producer/team will make a 3-4 minutes verbal addition to the project description. Then the discussion and evaluation of the project will be open. The feedback will be given by 4-6 financiers, decision makers and experts relevant to the specific focus for each session.

The involved partners in the session will all have audio and visual contact via the video interface provided in the EDN Video Conference Room.

EDN Contact Person

Ove Rishøj Jensen

Phone: +45 3313 1122

Tue Steen Müller writes about CineDoc on

When noone else does anything to bring good documentaries to Athens, you have to do it yourselves! This is what three film people, all women, decided to do and if you have a look at their programme, you can only be very impressed by the actuality and phantasy that is put into the organisation. This is what they write – to give you the background of the programme that started in 2009 – as a preface to the catalogue:

CineDoc is an innovative public media initiative which screens European and international award-winning documentaries across the year. Hosted at Institut Francaus in Athens, it also travels to cinema clubs, schools and cultural organisations across Greece and Cyprus. Screenings are accompanied by special events, used to inspire community action and bring together documentary professionals. Signed Rea Apostolides, Avra Georgiou, Dimitra Kouzi.

Themes like "7 Ways to cope with the Crisis", "Remembering Japan" and "Steps and Tunes" include films like Valentin Thum's "Taste the Waste", Robert Cibis and Lillian Franck's "Pianomania" (photo), "El Bulli" (Gereon Wetzel), "Kinshasa Symphony (Wischmann & Baer), "Into Eternity" (Michael Madsen) and new Greek films – Karakepelis's "Raw Material", Abazoglou's "Oriental Sweetness" and Dayandas's "Sayome".

Find out more: CineDoc in Filmkommentaren.