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Master of the Light in Berlin 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall

An interview with  Marc Bauder, the director of Master of the Universe and creator of the Lichtgrenze (meaning border made out of light), the 8,000 glowing balloons that marked the former route of the Berlin Wall on the 25th anniversary of its Fall on Sunday 9/11/2014. Light artist Christopher Bauder and his filmmaker brother Marc began working on the concept for Lichtgrenze seven years ago, before the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall.
Marc Bauder & Christopher Bauder, lichtergrenze
Light artist Christopher Bauder and his filmmaker brother Marc Bauder (Master of the Universe)

I talked with Marc Bauder about Lichtgrenze in Berlin 25 years after the Berlin Wall fell down and the premiere of his latest documentary Master of the Universe (distributed by CineDoc), which premiers in Greece and four other countries (France, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy) and was recently nominated for the European Film Award 2014.

You can listen to my questions and his replies in the interview below:
1. From Concrete to Baloons, Berlin after 25 years. What's the difference?
2. What made you think about the Baloons, and what was the challenge about this project?
3. Greece is in a very bad financial situation. Many Greeks feel that it is mainly the Germans who set the rules in their country (financially and in politics). What is your opinion?
4. Do you have a special message for the Greek premiere of Master of the Universe and your Greek audience?
5. You are very interested in financial stories  - what is your next project about?

Silver Eye Winners 2012

Year after year Jihlava IDFF closing ceremony have featured Institute of Documentary Film’s announcement of Silver Eye awardees. The holders of the awards are three documentaries from East Silver Market, selected in three individual categories. This year’s Silver Eye winners are: Cut-Paste (dir. Rafal Samusik, Poland, 2012) in Best short documentary category, We Will Be Happy One Day (dir. Pawel Wysoczański, Poland, 2012) in Best mid-length documentary category, Sofia’s Last Ambulance (dir. Ilian Metev, Bulgaria, Croatia, 2012) in Best feature-length category.

Jaro Vojtek was honored with Special mention for his energy-packed Slovakian documentary Gypsy Vote that premiered in Jihlava.

All the Silver Eye winners receive the trophy as well as 1500 EUR prize money. On top of that, the awarded films are about to enjoy the year-long distribution support within East Silver Caravan festival service, shipping them to more than 80 international film festivals.

Silver Eye 2012 winners:
Short documentary:
Cut-Paste | 2012 | Rafal Samusik | Poland

Mid-length documentary:
We Will Be Happy One Day | 2011 | Pawel Wysoczański | Poland

Feature documentary:
Sofia's Last Ambulance | 2012 | Metev, Ilian | Bulgaria, Croatia

Special Mention:
The Gypsy Vote | 2012 | Jaro Vojtek | Slovakia

Film proffesionals in Silver Eye jury:

Short documentary:

Thierry Detaille - Ventes - CBA/ Wip (Belgium)
Jukka-Pekka Laakso - Tampere Film Festival (Fiinland)
Georgy Molodtsov - Studio Ostrov, TV-Kultura (Russia)

Mid-length documentary:

Terry Stevens – Dogwoof (United Kingdom)
Laurien ten Houten – IDFA (Netherlands)
Anna-Lena Byström – SVT (Sweden)

Feature documentary:

Ina Rossow - Deckert Distribution (Germany)
Rada Sesić – Sarajevo FF, IFF Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Francis Kandel – CANALPLUS (France)